General medicine: PSY lecture


aVLPY9X1p Psychiatry VLA - lecture (only in the autumn semester) 

  • Teaching is only in the autumn semester

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  • Lecture: Introduction to psychiatry
  • Lecture: Sexology


 Schedule of lectures from psychiatry

  • Lectures on psychiatry are in the autumn semester 

Study literature

  1. COWEN, Philip, Paul HARRISON a Tom BURNS. Shorter Oxford textbook of psychiatry. Sixth edition. 818 stran. ISBN 9780199605613. ENG: This textbook is the golden standard for the study of psychiatry. With all the information this textbook contains it can be considered as a standalone source for the preparation of students for exams in psychiatry.
  2. STAHL, Stephen. Stahl´s essential psychopharmacology: neuroscientific basis and practical application. 4. vyd. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013. 608 s. ISBN 978-1-107-68646-5. ENG: This textbook is suitable for students with interest in psychopharmacology or for those studets who would like to deepen their knowledge about mechanisms of action of various medication used in psychiatry.


Teaching materials (presentations of lectures)



Exam Questions

The psychiatry exam is oral and consists of 3 questions: A - general psychiatry, B - special psychiatry, C - clinical management of psychiatric disorders.



Information for the oral exam of Psychiatry

  • The registration of the students for the examinations is possible during the regular examination period via the Information System of the Faculty of Medicine, where the exam terms are listed and the students can apply for them.
  • Pre-term psychiatry (during the semester) can be written after the preliminary agreement of the students with the PK secretary during or during the internship.
  • The condition of enrollment for the exam is to obtain a credit from the subject Psychiatry - Exercise (VLPY9X1c) in the index.
  • The subject code for the admission to the Psychiatry exam for general practitioners in both Czech and English is: VLPY9X1p.



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