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VLPYX1c Psychiatry - practicals

  • Teaching is only in the spring and autumn semester


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  • Seminars: Presentations on selected psychiatric topics. Together with the study of literature and lectures, students should provide a theoretical basis. The lessons are held in the PK lecture hall.
  • Case Reports and Clinical Demonstration: These are either interviews with patient-led classrooms, tutorials or interactive case studies. This segment of teaching should serve as a first step in the application of theoretical knowledge about differential diagnosis and therapy in psychiatry. It is expected that students will be actively approaching the presented problems. The lessons are held in the PK lecture hall.
  • Clinical Skills: This is part of a practice-oriented lesson. In this segment of learning, students, by themselves or under the supervision of teachers, are examining selected patients, usually following discussions. The lessons are held at the various departments of the PK, where the students are divided by the internship manager at the beginning of the two-week block.




Training schedule for VLA in spring semester 2018: 


Week 14

Week 15

Week 16

Week 17

21. 5. - 25. 5. 2018

28. 5. - 01. 6. 2018

04. 6. - 08. 6. 2018

11. 6. - 15. 6. 2018

VLA, st. gr. 30

VLA, st. gr. 30

VLA, st. gr. 31+34

VLA, st. gr. 31+34

As. Theiner, MD

As. Barteček, MD

Doc. Ustohal, MD

As. Theiner, MD


Daily Schedule of Psychiatry Teaching - practicals for VLA:


 Information on the subject Psychiatry - practicals

  • Teaching starts every day at 8.00 am (Friday at 7.30 am) at the lecture hall of the Psychiatric Clinic of Brno University Hospital, building G, 1st floor. On the first day of the internship (also days), the students will gather at 7:45 pm in the vestibule in front of the PK auditorium, G building, rear tract on the first floor, and wait for a secretary to unlock the lecture hall.
  • At the beginning of the two-week course, students will receive an internship with a daily schedule of taught seminars, case studies and "clinical skills". Every day, at the end of the course, the student keeps his / her participation in the lesson by signing the teacher on the traineeship sheet.
  • Students will bring slippers, cloak, stationery, record papers, Phonendoscope. These things can be left in the back of the lecture hall all the time.
  • At the beginning of the two-week course, the internships will be distributed by the students to individual Departments of the Psychiatric Clinic, where they will perform the subject "Clinical Skills" (internship).
  • On days when students have the subject of "Clinical Skills" (8.00 - 9.00 hrs) in PK departments, they first dress up in the cloakroom, dress up and all the things they can leave in the lecture room (they only need pencil and paper ). Before leaving the department, the physicians must send the secretary. Upon return from the department, the key from the lecture room will be picked up again at the secretariat.
  • Students are expected to be ready to learn, ie they will have at least basic information to be discussed on a given day in a training seminar, case reports and demonstrations, respectively. As a guideline for the extent of the knowledge that the student should take before the course of instruction, the electronic textbook "Psychiatry and Sexology" is available on the MU LF MU portal: portal.med.muni.cz/article-433-general-and-specialized-psychiatry.html.


Information for the termination of the subject of psychiatry - practicals 

  • The course is finished by credit. The attendance at internships and seminars is required for the credit.
  • Absence in lessons: Students can only have an excuse for one day without compensation, otherwise they have to replace the lesson (max. 2 excused absences during two-week lessons are allowed). The way of substitution will be solved always on Friday 2nd week of internship with a representative for teaching - dr. Barteck. Unauthorized absence is a reason not to give credit.
  • Another condition for passing a credit is passing a written test at the end of the 2nd week of the internship. The test contains 13 closed job questions with the choice of one correct answer. To pass the test successfully, the student must correctly answer at least 8 questions.
  • Foreign students may have an internship from psychiatry abroad. At the end of the foreign internship they will receive a certificate of completion of the internship at the study department of LF MU.


 Study literature

  1. ŽOURKOVÁ, Alexandra, Eva ČEŠKOVÁ a Ivana DRTÍLKOVÁ. General and specialized psychiatry. Multimediální podpora výuky klinických a zdravotnických oborů, portal.med.muni.cz/article-433-general-and-specialized-psychiatry.html ENG: This source contains series of PowerPoint presentations written in English. It can be considered an introductory material for students before they begin their psychiatry rotation or as an aid to repeat essential information before the exam.
  2. COWEN, Philip, Paul HARRISON a Tom BURNS. Shorter Oxford textbook of psychiatry. Sixth edition. 818 stran. ISBN 9780199605613. ENG: This textbook is the golden standard for the study of psychiatry. With all the information this textbook contains it can be considered as a standalone source for the preparation of students for exams in psychiatry.
  3. STAHL, Stephen. Stahl´s essential psychopharmacology: neuroscientific basis and practical application. 4. vyd. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013. 608 s. ISBN 978-1-107-68646-5. ENG: This textbook is suitable for students with interest in psychopharmacology or for those studets who would like to deepen their knowledge about mechanisms of action of various medication used in psychiatry.


Teaching materials (presentations of practicals)

Psychiatric assessment: Psychiatric_assessment_VLA.pdf

Conserns of law in psychiatry: Conserns_of_law_in_psychiatry_VLA.pdf

Psychopathology: Psychopathology_eng_VLA.pdf


Treatment in Psychiatry: Treatment_in_Psychiatry_VLA.pdf

Organic mental disorders+ medical illness with psychiatric issues: Organic_mental_disorders_EN_3.pdf

Child psychiatry:  Child_psychiatry_VLA.pdf

Eating disorders: Eating_disorders_VLA.pdf

Affective disorders: Mood_disorders_VLA.pdf

Neurotic disorders: Somatoform_disorders_VLA.pdf   Anxiety_disorders_VLA.pdf

Personality disorders: PST_engversion_VLA.pdf

Complete study materials - see: is.muni.cz/el/1411/jaro2018/aVLPY9X1p/um/


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